About K Spin

Who We Are

The vision of K Spin is to create a happy, uplifting space, where you come to workout, increase your overall well-being, and meet new like minded people. Our goal is to provide every rider with the tools, and motivation to become their best selves.

Hi There!

Samantha; I have been teaching spin for 2 ½ years. Its where I feel my best self, I love searching for music, and when I find that song, it lights me up inside. I also love seeing people push themselves past what they ever thought possible; when they hit that beat, it is such a beautiful thing to see. When I first started teaching I never anticipated how it would transform my life. I was a new mom trying to get back into shape, working a fulltime job, in which I was not passionate about. I became happier, more outgoing, got into better shape, and truly loving where I was in my life. When my husband suggested we move, I knew I did not want to ever stop spinning. So when Kamloops came onto our radar, and there was no spin studio, I did not want to move, then my husband said.. well open one and here we are!! Jacob had always been a weights guy, so after deciding we were going to open a studio, he came to a class and he was hooked! The vibes, the energy, and the feeling afterward are what inspired him to switch careers and start teaching.

What to expect

A fitness experience like no other. The studio is blacked out, dimly lit with black lights, a disco ball, and electrifying lights. 21 Schwinn carbon blue bikes line the studio, and a sound system that makes you feel like you are at a dance party, rather than a workout class. The centennial building has washrooms, and showers for use to allow you to fit your ride in before, during, or after your workday. Inside the studio, there is a powder room which is fully loaded to allow you to freshen up after your ride.

The ride

Our full body 50-minute workouts aren’t your typical spin class. We ride to the beat, we climb together, we jog together and we race together. The highly trained instructors and killer beats keep you amped up, to deliver a sweat like no other. You will burn 100’s of calories, the use of hand weights help tone your arms, and shoulders.

The music

The music is what drives us, what speaks to us, so the music always matters. We use to music to motivate, inspire, and drive us. The music syncs us, so we all ride together, as one.

Each class will be loaded with a killer playlist, made by the instructor, so each class is different. Each instructor has their own style, and music choice, so you are sure to find music you love. It will be LOUD! If you find it too loud, please feel free to grab earplugs at check-in.

First ride

Please arrive 15 minutes early, to complete all paperwork, grab your shoes, hand weights, a bike, and have the instructor go through proper bike set-up. Please be sure to let your instructor know of any injuries or limitations. Always remember it is your ride, your workout, so if at any time feel free to dial it back and just keep moving.

What to wear

Dress for sweat! Avoid long, loose clothing, as they could potentially get caught while spinning. We recommend shorts, or leggings, a good bra and a comfy shirt. Don’t forget socks! However, if you do, we’ve got you covered!


Spin shoes provide a better experience and are required to ride. The stiff soles of spin shoes allow for more power to be generated during each pedal stroke, and engages more leg muscles to help keep you well balanced. We have shoes available in a range of sizes, but you are always welcome to bring your own. Our bikes are SPD clip compatible.


Hydrating your body before and after class is key. We have a filtered water cooler to refill your bottles, or if you have forgotten a water bottle, we have bottled water available for purchase.

Don’t be late

The studio doors close 1 minute prior to class starting. If you are late and the doors are closed, unfortunately, we cannot let you in. So please arrive early. If the class is waitlisted your bike may be given away, if you are not checked in 5 minutes prior to class. We get it, things happen, traffic sucks, parking is not always the easiest to find, so if you are running behind, just give us a shout, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, we get it, so for some reason you cannot make your class, as long as you cancel 8 hours prior to the start of class, your pass will not be used.
Please cancel online (mindbody), email us or call us!
Like we said, we are flexible. If something has come up, call us and we will take care of it!


If you are lucky there is street parking out front on the studio on Seymour street, or there is a large parking lot 1 block from the studio, where Canada post is located at a cost of $1/hr.
If you are short on change, let us know… we’ve got you!

Have fun!

We know spin is hard, but it is also so fun, and so rewarding. It is your ride, you set your pace, your tension, and listen to your body. We recommend giving it at least 3 classes, and you’ll find your groove in no time. Just come prepared to sweat, have a great time, and connect with other like-minded kick-ass people!

  1. Would love to know if you have drop in classes or even a trial class to see if i wound like to join. Thanks

  2. If i registered for a class that was waitlisted when will we know if there is an available spot??

    1. Hey Amber, we will call you or text you if you get a spot in class!

  3. I had such a great time last night, it was the best spin class i have ever been to. Thanku so much! I will definitely be coming back. And thank you for the advice on my weak knees it will be tough but ill get stronger! Love your class!

    1. That’s so awesome! Thanks for the feedback, we are so happy you loved it! You will most definitely get stronger!

  4. Do you have to wear your spin shoes? Or can I wear my runners?

  5. Hi! I’ve been wanting to try your class for a ong time. I haven’t gone to the gym or done anything for a year, justnot feeling it. Wanting to get back into it. I have only done a bike class one other time and I didn’t enjoy it. Your classes sound amazing. What would it be like for a first timer? (As a side note, I have a bad knee). Thanks 🙂

    1. That’s the best part about spin is you control your own tension, so you can always dial it back if needed.
      We always offer modifications if needed, and really encourage everyone to listen to their bodies.
      It’s so much fun! You will love it, and as far as your knee, we will get you properly set up on your bike and encourage more tension when we are up or racing to protect those knees!

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